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Experience an award winning tour with Rotorua Canopy Tours

Recent Air New Zealand Supreme Tourism Award winner, Rotorua Canopy Tours offers an adrenalin-inducing way to experience New Zealand’s native ‘bush’ as well as contribute to its protection.

Canopy Tours, Rotorua

What will you experience?

Four years in the making, this active adventure is New Zealand’s only native forest Zipline experience. Deliberately small — for a more personal excursion — each three hour, 10 person tour takes you on a magical journey through 1.2 kilometres of ancient forest. Explore unique New Zealand foliage from a network of platforms, swing-bridges and ziplines strung 22 metres above ground. You’ll also learn about the history of the forest and its inhabitants, many of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Rotorua Canopy Tours play a significant part in the conservation of this unique forest environment. Extensive funding is made towards an ongoing project aimed at reducing pests entirely from the area — as well as the reintroduction of rare birds. Automated traps have been placed throughout the entire western end creating a large ‘safe zone.’ Throughout the tour you’ll learn about why the traps are important and the types of pests they are there to rid.

For a touch of excitement and education combined, get the most out of New Zealand’s pristine environment on this exceptional canopy tour.

Where is it located?

Rotorua Canopy Tours begin from the head office located just North of Rotorua city at 147 Fairy Springs Road.

Who would enjoy this?

Anyone looking for an ‘active adventure’ and keen to learn more about the New Zealand native forest environment. There is a minimum age of 6 years old and no upper age limit.  

Interesting fact?

After restoring over 50 hectares of the forest, as a predatory free ‘safe zone’ hundreds of native birds including the rare striped skink and pacific gecko have begun to flourish within the forest.