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Top tips for your first New Zealand bungy jump!

Take the plunge from Kawarau Bridge

Check up on your chosen bungy company

Bungy jumping is an extreme activity and therefore comes with a need to maintain a high level of safety and risk management procedures. As with every industry there are some cowboys operating out there, so be sure to check that your chosen operator abides by standard industry safety practices.

Location, location, location

For a lot of people this is a once in a lifetime experience (until they get hooked that is!) so be sure you’ve chosen a location that is every bit as amazing as the jump itself. Where’s the fun in jumping over a concrete pad with a pool, when you could be jumping from a cable car suspended in the middle of a canyon with a river running below?

Comfy shoes and clothes are a must!

This is a no-brainer. You’re about to make the jump of a lifetime, make sure you’re comfortable! If you don’t have shoes that you are really comfortable in then go bare foot, whatever outfit helps you to feel relaxed is best – although remember skirts, dresses and high heels probably aren’t the smartest choice.

Take a buddy

What better way to experience a crazy adrenaline rush than with your friends cheering you on? Get a buddy or group of friends organised and experience your bungy together! You’ll have a great day out and your jump will be made even easier knowing you’ve got your mates to support you.

Don’t look down

It will take every ounce of self-control not to look down when you’re standing on the edge of your bungy platform – fight the urge! There will be plenty of time to look after you’ve jumped, but there is no better way to put yourself off then sneaking a peak down beforehand.

Don’t try anything fancy

It’s your first time jumping, so instead of trying to get fancy, just jump and enjoy it! There will be a lot going through your head for your first time so no need to over-complicate things. Many operators offer big discounts on a second same-day bungy, so if you really want to throw a flip, save it for jump 2!

Don’t hesitate!

Trust your Jump Master, they’ve done this thousands of times before, so when they call 3-2-1-BUNGY, don’t think, just go! The more you hesitate the more any fear you have will build up, you’re there to jump so JUMP!

Bungy jumping is highly addictive! After your first bungy is done and dusted you’ll be wanting to do it again and again, going bigger and higher each time. Be prepared for the amazing sense of achievement you will get – you did it and you alone!
So, what are you waiting for? 3-2-1-BUNGY!

Take a water plunge!