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5 incredible day walks to try in Queenstown

Queenstown Hill Time Walk, day walks in New Zealand

Take a look at these awesome day walks around Queenstown for a great way to get out for some fresh air, exercise, and amazing scenery!

Queenstown Hill Time Walk

  • Allow: 2-3 hours return

  • Fitness level: moderate

  • Starting point: Belfast Terrace, central Queenstown

This 500 metre climb will take you to the top of the Queenstown Hill/Te Tapanui and its stunning views out over Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. There are information panels along the trail explaining the different periods that Queenstown has lived through (hence the name ‘Time Walk’). Learn about the Maori settlements in the region, and the later gold rush period, as well as the more recent developments in the area.

Tiki Trail, Skyline Gondola, Queenstown

Tiki Trail to Skyline Gondola

  • Allow: 1-2 hours return

  • Fitness level: moderate

  • Starting point: Skyline Gondola, central Queenstown

Zig-zag your way up through the pine trees, from the base of the Skyline Gondola to the summit of Bob’s Peak. You will criss-cross over mountain bike trials heading up so keep an eye out for bikes. When you reach the top you can relax in the Skyline restaurant, go for a joy- ride on the Luge, or just enjoy the beautiful views. Listen up on the walk and you might hear the sounds of zip-liners flying through the trees above you!

Ben Lomond Track, Queenstown

Ben Lomond Track

  • Allow: 6-8 hours return

  • Fitness level: high

  • Starting point: Belfast Terrace, central Queenstown

Walk the Tiki Trail in conjunction with the Ben Lomond Track if you fancy a longer hike, or if you would rather a ride up to the trailhead take the Skyline Gondola up the hill and begin your walk from there. This challenging full day hike takes you right up to the Ben Lomond Summit, rising to a height of 1748 metres. Tackle Ben Lomond on a clear day to fully appreciate the spectacular views across the mountains.

Sunshine Bay, New Zealand

Sunshine Bay Walk

  • Allow: 45 minutes-1 hour return

  • Fitness level: low

  • Starting point: Glenorchy road

For those after some more gentle terrain, head out along Glenorchy road to the Sunshine Bay track. Located 1 kilometre past the Fernhill roundabout, this walk takes you along Lake Wakatipu for an easy 20-minute journey to Sunshine Bay. Enjoy the views and well-graded path as you explore the peaceful lake edge and fresh air.

Lake Alta, The Remarkables ski field

Lake Alta

  • Allow: 2-3 hours return

  • Fitness level: moderate

  • Starting point: The Remarkables, top carpark

Begin your day with a drive up the Remarkables ski field access road to the top carpark, take advantage of the multiple stopping points on the way up and enjoy the spectacular views back towards Queenstown. Beginning your hike from the car park, you will head up the mountain, before dropping down to Lake Alta. This beautiful glacial lake sits at a height of 1800 metres and is the perfect spot to enjoy some lunch while surrounded by the rugged mountain landscape.