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Why you should be touring NZ by coach

Everything is taken care of

All you need to do on an escorted coach tour is sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. Your transport, accommodation and most food is arranged, while your itinerary is meticulously planned. You’ll travel the country in comfort and safety, with wide windows, reclining seats, audio commentary and toilet facilities on board. Most tours include ample free time to explore, giving you the opportunity to see any specific attractions you might have missed.

Planning a tour yourself takes days, if not weeks of preparation. And any hiccup, while you're travelling, can create unnecessary stress. On a coach tour, any problems or delays are dealt with smoothly and quickly by your tour guide — leaving you free to relax. New Zealand is known for it’s changeable landscape. So it is the perfect place to let a local do all the driving. (No need to learn our rules or worry about trying to navigate on the ‘wrong’ side of the road!)

Forget dragging your luggage unaccompanied on a train station platform, forget worrying about tickets, connections or trying to stuff your luggage into the minuscule boot of a rental car — hand over responsibility to your tour guides and rest easy knowing everything's taken care of!  

You’ll make like-minded friends

The social aspect of travelling within a group creates lasting friendships as you experience the highs of an unfamiliar country together. You’ll meet like-minded people from all over the globe, and after few days you will feel like you're on a holiday with old friends.

On most tours you’ll find a mix of solo travellers, couples, and friends travelling together and one of the greatest benefits of an escorted tour is the opportunity to be independent while at the same time offering company whenever you need it.

Inside knowledge

One of the best reasons to take an escorted coach tour is the wealth of local knowledge tour guides offer. Renowned for their friendly demeanor, guides are much more fun and more informative than any Lonely Planet or Rough Guide book you'll find in your local bookstore. They'll show you hidden beaches, secret roads, and locals-only attractions.

Your guides will give you in-depth commentary on what you’re seeing as you travel, including many interesting ‘little-known’ sights. You’ll be taken places you wouldn't find on your own and meet New Zealanders as you go along.

Your itinerary has been carefully thought out to make the most of New Zealand's main attractions. Specific routes are taken to minimise drive time and maximise the sights. Your guides will also have knowledge on where the best places are to eat, catch the sunset or see the wildlife in many of the places you will visit.