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What is the luggage allowance when travelling by coach?

Most coach touring companies have strict luggage restrictions that they must abide by.  The general rule varies between company, and it is important to check what the specific requirements are for your selected tour.  An approximate guideline is: one carry on travel bag is permitted to a maximum of 6kg (13lbs).   Often luggage with an adjustable handle and wheels will not fit in the overhead compartments and cannot be accepted as hand luggage so it is best to bring a soft bag for this purpose.

In addition, each traveller is entitled to travel with ONE suitcase on tour measuring (length + width + depth) no more than 140cm (55”).   Weight limits also apply to luggage due to Occupational Health and Safety criteria. Approximately, the maximum suitcase weight allowed is 23kg (50lbs). If a traveller brings more than the allocated limit of luggage, any additional arrangements made to get their luggage to the final destination will be at their own expense.

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