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Haka Tours New Zealand adventures

Haka Tours

Do you want an unforgettable New Zealand adventure where every detail is arranged? Haka Tours are experts at going above and beyond when it comes to off-the-beaten-track coach tours.

Haka is an award winning operator offering superb tours aboard smaller coaches. Smaller coaches that mean you can get a little more up close and personal with more places in New Zealand. With Haka, you'll enjoy a guided tour within a small group of between 8-12 people. And you'll go many places the bigger buses can't. Up for a unique and personal New Zealand experience?

'Thank you so much for all your help, rest assured that we had the most amazing experience and that we are looking forward for the next one!'
Cintya, Haka '7 day North Island Adventure' Small Group Tour. 

A little Haka history

Established in 2006, Haka tours is the brain-child of New Zealander Ryan Sanders. A keen and experienced traveller, Ryan's love for his country and adrenalin led him to a vision: the creation of some incredibly awesome small group adventure tours immersing travellers in the real New Zealand!


'We are not a big corporate, selling you tours from a flash office. We don't rent expensive retail space and we don't pay marketing experts thousands of dollars to define us - we already know who we are. We are a small team that loves this country and loves what we do. We really do get a buzz when we see our customers having a unique experience.'

Staying in upmarket backpacker accommodation you'll travel with like-minded individuals. Choose to explore all of New Zealand on your 24 Day Epic NZ Tour or smaller sections depending on your interests and how much time you to have to explore.  The smaller group size means you'll make close friends and your guide can tweak the tour depending on what your group really wants to do.

To book your own kiwi adventure, contact one of our expert consultants today for help choosing the one that's just right for you.