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Kee Dizzine, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 23rd April 2019

The 14 Day New Zealand Vista tour was amazing. We were able to see both islands and we feel as if we really know New Zealand now. Our guide, Mel, was very knowledgeable, shared personal experiences, and took great care of our group. Our driver, Mark, was very professional, complemented Mel very well, and shared his videos of the places we were visiting. We would highly recommend this tour!

Bruce & Brigette Witte, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 2nd April 2019

We had a grand trip! All people involved in putting this trip together for us were great! I can't imagine having done this trip without them! Thank you!!!

Shelley Firth, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 2nd April 2019

I’ll write to say I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was intense and fast paced, I’d never been on a coach tour like this before. But it really worked with good organization and an extremely capable tour director, and friendly good drivers. It was the perfect things for me to do whilst in NZ in between seeing a couple of friends living there and relatives. I still haven’t downloaded my photos from an SD card but the iPhone pics were fab. Wellington got a bit shortchanged in the itinerary (where I used to live) but we couldn’t see everything everywhere!

Ted Chen, May YK, Kin Va & Josephine Ho, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders, Travelled on 7th April 2019

The arrangement was perfect. Communication during booking was timely and clear. We were met at the airport as arranged even though our flight coming into Christchurch was really late. The trip was made most memorable by our tour director, Tania Simpson. New Zealand is truly picturesque. We will return to New Zealand!

Bharat and Kirti Tailor, AAT Kings 17 Day New Zealand Magic, Travelled on 18th February 2019

Chelsea was very helpful and friendly before and after the booking process. She provided all the requested information promptly. The tour itself was fabulous. Both the South and North Islands had its own flavours and we enjoyed it thoroughly. The guide was resourceful and provided information throughout the trip. The driver was great and provided us with a clean coach every morning. The trip would not have been same without them. Overall, a pleasant experience!

Vinod & Saraswati Vadher, AAT Kings 8 Day Northern Wonders, Travelled on 12th March 2019

New Zealand Coach tours were very professional booking our tour and the extra night prebooked before hand.  We joined the tour in Wellington and were welcomed by all on the coach as most of them had been travelling together a week already. The tour director was very knowledgeable and helpful and the coach driver was excellent. Both of them were fantastic! Kelly kept us informed all the way about the country and Euan being a singer had CD’s from his days in the band and gave us a taste of his music which was great. We had great fun with all and I would highly recommend AAT Kings to all my friends.

Col Shailendra Sharma & Mrs Madhu Sharma, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Marvel, Travelled on 4th March 2019

We had an excellent time and enjoyed the tour without any hiccup. All activities went to schedule like a well-oiled machine. Our Tour Director, Kelly Bolton, was not only very witty and knowledgeable, he took good care of every passenger on the coach. Our driver-guide, Euan Patsie, was not only great at the wheel, he had a great sense of humour, good knowledge of the country and, as it turned out to our great pleasure, he is a great singer. My wife and I would strongly recommend New Zealand Coach Tours and AAT Kings to our friends. We would also like to commend our booking guide for this trip, Christina Brockie of New Zealand Coach Tours, who guided us with our bookings, travel insurance and clarifications of all our queries. She was very patient and understanding of our anxieties. We would like to book their services again, whenever required.

Anthony & Catherine Martin, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight and Post Tour Kaikoura & Marlborough to Wellington, Travelled on 3rd March 2019

The tour was excellent and my parents really enjoyed the experience of travelling the South Island of New Zealand. Every day was eventful and they were very lucky with the weather. Shelley, I was very grateful for your speedy and professional communication throughout the tour. Melanie, the tour director was also very insightful and helpful.

Alistair & Brenda Shaw, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 5th March 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of New Zealand. It is a beautiful country and the tour allowed us to make the most of it. We had an excellent tour director and a very good driver. We thought the whole thing was good value for money. As far as New Zealand Coach Tours are concerned, they made all the arrangements in accordance with our wishes and we encountered no problems. We will be happy to recommend the company to family and friends who may consider visiting New Zealand. Thank you for all you did for us.

Ray & Rene Green, Anthony & Kathleen Senner, AAT Kings - 9 Day Southern Spotlight, Travelled on 17th November 2018

Thank you for all your assistance with booking this holiday. Everything went smoothly and the tour of the South Island with AATKings was brilliant. Scenery amazing, accommodation, tour manager, excellent. We even had a variety of weather, including snow and hail stones! The holiday of a lifetime - but you never know, one day we may be back! Thank you all.

Zoltan Janosne and Zoltan Janos Szolnoki, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Marvel, Travelled on 10th December 2018

Hi! We had a wonderful time in New Zealand, thank you for that. A well-organized trip with beautiful guides! They were helpful, well-prepared and cheerful. We recommend your agency to our friends!

Shelagh & David Savage, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Marvel (2018-2019), Travelled on 9th February 2019

We enjoyed our trip to the South & North islands and were very lucky with the weather, I think we only had rain on one day. We particularly liked Christchurch, we had 2.5 days there on our own to see the sights & are very sad at what has happened there in the last few days. Queenstown, Milford Sound & Roturua were also high on our list of favourite places. We had an excellent Tour guide & driver so everything went very smoothly & to plan.

Nancy and Owen Penk, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 29th January 2019

Loved NZ and this tour. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and I felt we learned so much every day and not just about the country! Our driver was also great making us all feel safe and getting us to our next stop safe and sound. Even after an exhausting day he still navigated busy downtown areas to give us an idea of our current city/town so we knew where to go later. Loved the experience very much.

Ray & Lynette Willis and Graham Willis, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Marvel, Travelled on 27th January 2019

Very enjoyable; a good overview of where and how to visit NZ. Accommodation ranged from average to good. Food provided was great. Booking and support provided were great. There was not much commentary on tour of where we were and limited stops for photo opportunities, except in prearrange tour stops. The driver was very skilled on narrow roads. We appreciate and enjoyed our experience in NZ.

Jane and Merv Wockner, AAT Kings 8 Day Northern Discovery, Travelled on 25th January 2019

We had a wonderful holiday, seeing lots of wonderful sights in the North Island, meeting lots of nice people along the way and we were very fortunate to receive the great care and attention from AAT King's staff. Our thanks also to New Zealand Coach tours for their professionalism and courtesy displayed to us in the organisation of our tour. Would thoroughly recommend this tour to all.

Anne Ruffles & Marian Townshend, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista 2018-2019, Travelled on 5th February 2019

From start to finish, Marion and I had a wonderful holiday. Excellent organisation, very knowledgeable tour director; friendly and brilliant coach driver. Coach always spotless. Windows clean for good viewing and photography. All in all a great holiday experience.

Marianne Prager, AAT Kings 8 Day Northern Spotlight, Travelled on 9th February 2019

I have just come back home to Sweden after my stay in New Zealand. Shelley Ryder was my contact who arranged my two trips, one with AAT Kings for the North Island and one with Stray Journeys for the South Island. I felt very secure having Shelley as my contact since she was always available, quick to answer and helpful in all possible ways. The AAT Kings tour was well organized with very nice hotels. The guide Gina was lovely and so was our driver and bus. I was also very impressed that I was allowed to order a shared room with the possibility to share with another woman even though I travelled as a single. It turned out that there was nobody to share with so I ended up having my own room without having to pay the single room addition which was wonderful.  I enjoyed Bay of Islands and Rotorua the most. All in all a good experience.

Michael & Teresa Hook, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Marvel, Travelled on 4th February 2019

A great trip, busy programme covering a wide variety of countryside and cities within the two week itinerary. Superb weather was a bonus. Highlights were the uplands and coasts of South Island and the geysers of Rotorua. Driver and tour leaders Ricky and Cam kept us organised and to schedule. Hotels were well situated with good food but several lacked air con regarded as essential in this warmer weather by many European travellers. Thanks to everybody for organising such a fascinating introduction to New Zealand

Camille Carrasco for Rodney & Antoniette Ikemoto, AAT Kings 17 Day Kia Ora New Zealand, Travelled on 25th January 2019

Jane Zwerrenz did an amazing job of putting together the travel plans in NZ for my parents. Superb communication and responsiveness and great deals. Thanks so much!

Brian Fahy, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight, Travelled on 26th January 2019

I really enjoyed the range of activities that were on offer and the excellent organisation by yourself and the guide Cam. If I have any friends going to New Zealand on holiday in the future I will definitely recommend New Zealand Coach Tours and AAT Kings.

Freda Gillie, AAT Kings 17 Day Kia Ora New Zealand, Travelled on 26th January 2019

This tour was amazing, I had so much fun & met lots of great friends. The bus driver and guide were excellent, they knew their stuff & more. Plenty jokes along the way. Looked after well, cases collected outside room each time we moved on to a new place. The places we visited were great with lots of amazing scenery. Enjoyed so much by this first traveller.

James and Christina Ball, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders, Travelled on 28th January 2019

Our first organised tour ever. Took some getting used to, but it worked very smoothly and efficiently. An organised tour guide did very well to accommodate everyone’s requirements and optional tours, making sure that those who didn’t go were still doing something interesting. No waiting about for people. Food and accommodation were fine. We were particularly impressed with the two Scenic hotels. I would definitely go with AAT Kings again and feel I can recommend them fully. Thank you for booking our trip

Carola Jansen, AAT Kings 17 Day Kia Ora New Zealand, Travelled on 19th January 2019

My experiences with the site, Nichole, and the trip itself were very very good. I always got a quick and relevant answer to my questions, received the travel information through the AAT Kings guide because I booked the trip quite late, and the info was valuable and complete. The guide and driver were awesome, very experienced and knowledgeable, gave good info at the right time and were always prepared to answer questions. The itinerary was perfect (checked at the end of the trip whether there was something I missed in Christchurch, but could tick all the TripAdvisor boxes). In all really a trip to remember. Thanks!

Lorna Ridley, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 15th January 2019

Excellent Tour, great accommodation. Loved not having to manhandle my case at every destination...that was a treat! Met some lovely people also on the tour and made good friends. New Zealand is stunning at every corner you turn and our excursions were well organised with time for some exploring on your own. If anyone is thinking of booking this tour...just do it! I'm pretty sure that I will be back. The Guide was perfect, nothing was too much trouble. The driver, was also excellent, always willing to share his local knowledge and help out with any directions or suggestions.

Phuc Nghiem Phu & Mylan Ton, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 8th January 2019

Over the past 30 years, we have participated in more than 25 guided tours in Europe, Asia, the U.S., South America, Africa and New Zealand. The New Zealand tour IS the best: The tour director (Gina) was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. The coach driver (Mark) was courteous and friendly. The only "weakness point" of this VISTA Tour is that it did not include a short detour to Mount Cook Village from Lake Pukaki. We have visited New Zealand before, in 2008. We came back this year hoping we could visit Mount Cook Village again...

Chun, Margaret, Shui and Clemantina Wong, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders, Travelled on 14th January 2019

The tour was very good in every sense. We like all the arrangement and the food and accommodation were good. Certainly we would recommend it to our friends.

Pamela Russell, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders, Travelled on 31st December 2018

Thanks to Katie and the driver, I really enjoyed the AAT Kings Southern Wonders tour starting Dec 31st. They were both so helpful. I have done many bus tours, and they were as good or better than previous. Pamela Russell

Robert Grethel and Enid Miller, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Marvel - Early Bird, Travelled on 31st December 2018

Narissa, Thank you for all your efforts to make our New Zealand trip wonderful. We did have a great time. Sincerely, Bob Grethel and Enid Miller

Maya and Suresh Patel, AAT Kings 17 Day New Zealand Magic, Travelled on 12th November 2018

Hello Salli, Thank you for booking our 17 day New Zealand Magic Tour with AAT Kings. We had a wonderful time touring North & South New Zealand. Our tour director, Gina was so helpful & very informative on every place we visited. Our coach driver, Mark was an excellent driver. Gina & Mark both had a very good sense of humor, which made our tour journey so enjoyable. All hotel locations were very good & their food was also very good too. We will definitely recommend AAT tour company to our friends and families. Thank you very much Gina & Mark for providing an excellent service throughout our tour. We had thoroughly enjoyed touring with you both & the coach group. Kind Regards, Maya & Suresh

Rhona Richardson, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Marvel, Travelled on 10th December 2018

I have had an amazing 14 days in New Zealand. The tour director Isobel and driver Monica were professional, dedicated and lovely people. They really made the tour so very special for me. This was my first time to New Zealand and what an introduction it has been. I loved both Islands but my favourite is North Island with its diversity. The Maori Village show was a great insight into Maori culture. I wish there were more instances where we could be introduced to this ancient culture. The hotels were all generally good for 3 star hotels. I wasn't too happy with the Ibis or the Copthorne in Auckland. The other hotels were all very good with excellent food. The Walter Peak Country House was fantastic, words can't describe the beauty of the gardens there and the surroundings and delicious cuisine. My only input here would be an option for 4 star hotels which would have made my trip more comfortable. Please do thank Isobel for her exceptional guiding skills and knowledge of NZ.

NALINI REBECCA, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight, Travelled on 25th November 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to New Zealand, which is a truly beautiful country and the people were equally friendly and helpful and the people I was travelling with made it so much more fun, especially as it was my first time travelling alone. The helicopter flight to see Franz Josef & Fox glazier was an out of this world experience!

David & Bohdana Rayner, AAT Kings 15 Day New Zealand Splendour, Travelled on 6th November 2018

Your arrangements, paper work, information, organised pick up and departure to airports was excellent, all the Hotels were very friendly and professional in their treatment to us. Vale, the guide, Ricky, the driver were both 5 star. The coach 5 stars. The staff who delivered and collected our luggage to the hotel rooms 5 star. You did well in guiding me to that 15 day tour. I intend to send photos when back on my home internet connection. I thank you for your services, giving us memories for a lifetime, perhaps a return visit.

Roy & Sue Wensley, Ivor & Nola Wells, Earlybird AAT Kings - 9 Day Southern Spotlight, Travelled on 18th November 2018

Met up in Christchurch, greeting meeting with Isobel went very well. She actually wanted to know who we were, which was a vast improvement from our previous experience. On request Isobel issued us with a more detailed itinerary, (which would have been useful to have had before.) Ewan was a very safe driver, and good at his job. While Isobel was very bubbly, and informative, and they complemented each other very well. When it was raining in Dunedin it was Isobel's suggestion the we went on a brewery trip (good idea!). The route was well planned and took in all we expected. The highlight was Queenstown and the special dinner. I was pleasantly surprised that someone had had the foresight to create the package for the specialty dinner. The accommodation and food were excellent. Negatives, train journey was a bit disappointing. The special meal in Christchurch was a big disappointment. That said our service from yourself was very good and helpful.

Freddi & Nongnit Lewin, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight - Earlybird, Travelled on 11th November 2018

Very well organised!! We are so happy with the trip and also with our contact with New Zealand Coach Tours prior to the trip. Everything has been so smooth. It has left us with a wonderful memory for life and a fantastic experience. 5 stars our of 5. We will definitely recommend you.

Clarita & Robin Raymond Parsons, Stephen Lawson, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista (2018-2019), Travelled on 6th November 2018

We had a great holiday and it was a very well organized tour, we will do it again 4 1/2 stars! New Zealand was an amazing country, clean air and not congested the tour was very organized especially Mary our tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. We will do it again in the near future. I will give Mary 5 stars

Marie & Charlie Attard, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders - Early bird special, Travelled on 28th October 2018

We loved every minute of our trip. Everything went so smoothly. The travel guide Hope and driver Stu were fantastic. They were fun, informative and always ready too help. The places we visited were beautiful. We score the trip 10 out of 10. Many thanks also to Christina Brockie for being so helpful and organising this trip for us. She consistently kept us informed. Thanks again.

William McTavish & Doreen Smith, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista (2018-2019) - Earlybird, Travelled on 16th October 2018

Mary is the best tour director possible, the highest ranking. Ricky is a a careful driver and very helpful. Ten plus out of ten for Mary and Ricky. William and Doreen

Ellen Boegner, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 9th October 2018

I must say that I was totally pleased with the tour right from the start at Auckland Airport where the Supershuttle was waiting for me. I would like thank the Tour Director, Hope Kewene-Horsley for being so efficient especially in providing information of all the places we were going to visit each day and our calm driver Mark who brought us safely to the destinations & back. I will certainly recommend New Zealand Coach Tours to friends going to New Zealand.

Lee Lian Teo, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders, Travelled on 1st October 2018

I enjoyed myself very much. Tania our tour guide was very professional and caring. A special thanks to Jane too for arranging everything for me.

Maree Commerer, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders, Travelled on 27th August 2018

Hi - Ben was great- kept me updated as to tour changes. He made it all very simple and easy! The tour was fabulous - very well run - big thanks to Phil our tour director and his driver who both made the trip easy, informative and fun. Would recommend.

Kee Huat Tiong & Le Yoan Loo, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders, Travelled on 26th August 2018

Overall, the tour was a good experience. The hotels and meals were excellent, better than our expectation. Tour director was very knowledgeable and the driver did a great job.

Mr David & Mrs Valerie Jane Bardrick, AAT Kings 8 Day Northern Spotlight, Travelled on 21st April 2018

Thank you so much Shelley for all your help and assistance in booking our tour with AAT Kings as we both thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this tour, as Vale & Mel were both excellent tour operators and we could not have wished for a better driver. We both had the pleasure of staying at some lovely hotels with excellent facilities and have just seen so many wonderful places on this tour which we will never forget. in a few years time and will certainly be contacting yourselves again then. With all our very best wishes.

David Orr and Louise Hitchcock, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders, Travelled on 19th March 2018

We had an amazing time on our trip. It was organised to perfection by Lauren, and everything was as easy as it could be. The locations, optional/included activities, and the hotels/meals were superb. Great bunch of people in our group, and the driver and tour guide were good fun and informative.

Over all our trip was wonderful, well constructed and prepared | Russell & Wendy Miller | AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Wonders | Travelled on 12th March 2018

Hi Christina Our trip was one to remember in a very positive way. Enjoyed all aspects. The hotels we stayed at were very good all round and the meals were of a very high standard. Our travel director (Susie Ferkins) was amazing. She knew her job very well and made the whole trip so enjoyable. Her very professional and well organised approach plus her fun attitude was the icing on the cake. 

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Also the Driver Guide (Monica Buergi) was excellent. We felt very relaxed and safe with her driving style. She was hard working with the luggage as well. Great assets Susie and Monica are to the company. The only part of the tour that was a bit wasteful was a stop at The Makarora Country Cafe just before Cromwell. This place was overcrowded, nothing to see or do and they ran out of food. Other people in our group were complaining about this. It meant that we had very little time in Arrowtown which we all loved. An extra hour or two there would have been better. The social side of the tour was very nice with others from Australia,UK and USA. I think because we are Kiwis they enjoyed talking with us and finding out more about NZ. Over all our trip was wonderful, well constructed and prepared. From a New Zealanders point of view you were turning our overseas companions into raptures. Well done

It was a vacation of a lifetime | Peg Panichelli & Julie Turner | AAT Kings 10 Day Contrasts of New Zealand | Travelled on 23rd February 2018

Hi Erynn, I just wanted to let you know that our vacation was incredible. What a beautiful country. We would go back in a heartbeat. I changed the batteries in my camera four times in ten days. 

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Our guide, Marty, was absolutely wonderful. How he kept 48 people entertained all day, everyday for 10 days, is beyond me. When we come back, we want Marty again. We loved every inch of your country. It was a vacation of a lifetime. Thank you again, Erynn. Peggy Panichelli

ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCE WE HAVE HAD | Bhupendra and Mobina Joshi | AAT Kings 15 Day New Zealand Splendour | Travelled on 5th December 2017

It was one of the best experience to have had with AATKings 15 Days New Zealand Splendor - you cant expect better than this in any way,

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top hotels, very good food selections, top tour director Mr Nathan and top of that our guide/driver Monica - she was such an amazing lady, not a single time we have even jerk on the bus and always on time to be ready to move with bare minimum walking to parking of the bus. ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCE WE CAN HAVE AND LOVE TO REPEAT THE SAME SOONEST POSSIBLE.

We had an outstanding tour | Nomey & Yona Keidar and David & Sara Oron, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight | Travelled on 17th December 2017

It is our pleasure to state that we had an outstanding tour, comprehensive and breathtaking. Thanks to your excellent team, Isobel and Stu, every moment of the tour was a total pleasure.

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Apart from the well prepared itinerary, the accuracy, thoughtfulness and attention to the smallest details made this tour especially memorable to us. Thank you Shelley for your professional advice which well exceeded our expectations. We will definitely recommend the tour to anyone interested in touring New Zealand. Best regards, Naomi & Yona Keidar, Israel.

You really made it our once in a lifetime tour | Kerstin Brannland & Jan Berget | AAT Kings 18 Day Best of New Zealand | Travelled on 2nd December 2017

Thank you so much for organising our tour of New Zealand. You we're really helpful and guided us to make the correct choices, told us what to expect and how everything worked. We've had an absolutely fabulous tour, thanks to you Joanna.

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You really made it our once in a lifetime tour. Everything turned out just perfect to us. Our travel director Nathan Hyslop and driver Monica Buergi were both absolutely fantastic. Nathan was organising everything and telling us all about sights and places we visited. He did it so enthusiastic and professional. We'll always remember lots of what he's told us as wonderful memories. Organising all these activities for everybody everywhere can't be easy, he did an incredible job. At the same time he had to deal with lots of practical things, like people getting delayed to join the tour, illnesses and injuries to some of our fellow travellers. Everything was handled so good and professional. Monica was driving extremely well, so safe, comfortable and always on time. Sometimes the roads were really narrow and winding (like the west coast of Norway). It really stands respect of her secure and professional driving. So it's 10 points out of 10 to all three of you from both of us. Our favourites. Areas. My favourite was the Bay of Islands. The scenery was stunning and we were so lucky with the weather. Here we're just a small group, that got together really well. The Bay of Islands wasn't crowded either, just before the school holiday. Jan's favourite was Queenstown, with his background in extreme sports he felt very much at home. We were both amazed by Milford Sound so beautiful, and all the sights on the way getting there. Activities. We participated in many activities and enjoyed them all. The cultural evening with the Tamaki Family Marae in Rotorua was unforgetable. I found the Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs Nature Park very interesting. Jan was thrilled by his first zip line experience with Canopy Tours. We're excited by the Skippers Canyon Scenic Tour and the jet boat ride in Shotover river. Hotels. They were all excellent, in good locations and really high standard. Breakfast buffet and dinners were extremely good. We've put on some extra kilos so now it's exercising at home. Service was also very good, for example when the air condition didn't work properly in our room, we got another room. The upgrade hotel in Franz Josef was fantastic, with the rainforest just outside the window. We'll always have lots of wonderful memories and be so grateful to all of you for organising this perfect tour to us. We experienced so much in our AAT Kings 18 Day Best of New Zealand tour that we could never have done on our own. Kindest Regards from Kerstin and Jan

It was a most enjoyable holiday | Alan Mulhearn, AAT Kings 18 Day Best of New Zealand | Travelled on 4th November 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed the AAT Kings New Zealand coach tour of New Zealand. It was great being transferred to and from airport at beginning and end to and from our accommodation and found the drivers very courteous and helpful.

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Kevin our tour guide and Stu coach driver kept us informed of places we were seeing and hidden treasures, the loo stops were interesting and choices along the way were varied. The stories from the local lads were entertaining. We loved your ice cream and plenty of opportunities to sample the local produce. A New Zealand ice cream shop was established in our town but unfortunately didn't last the distance. Hotel accommodation was excellent but unfortunately we were constantly on move and didn't have much time to relax. The two nights in one place was good and a chance to catch up with laundry - only the operating times didn't give much time to get this done. Weather was perfect for the duration of our stay and the scenery was amazing. We certainly did see the best NZ has to offer. Thanks for organising - it was a most enjoyable holiday and we enjoyed the luxury it offered.

New Zealand is the most stunning country and we had a wonderful trip | Win Beston and Kath Geipel, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 31st October 2017

Kath Geipel and I would like to thank you so much for organising our recent tour of the North and South Islands. New Zealand is the most stunning country and we had a wonderful trip.

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All the accommodation was excellent and the tour guide, Sarah really knew her stuff and kept us all updated on a daily basis with fact sheets and itineraries. There were plenty of extra activities to suit all ages and tastes - at my age, bungy-jumping was not on my itinerary, but I particularly enjoyed my visits to Hobbiton and Larnach Castle. I would recommend AAT Tours to friends. Thank you too for all your assistance with bookings etc. Win Beston

Flavio Zumbini, AAT Kings 10 Day Contrasts of New Zealand (IZANB), Travelled on 16th June 2017

It was wonderful, thank you! All perfect! Lauren assisted me very well!

Rene Turner & Katrina Barendse, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 11th June 2017

Hi Christina. Well, we are back in Brisbane! :) I just wanted to give a little feedback and let you know that we had the most amazing time. Fantastic tour, awesome people, amazing tour director, wonderful driver, good food, nice hotels (but for a couple) and all in all we just had a most memorable vacation. Kevin (our tour director) was amazing. Very knowledgeable and with a great sense of humour. 

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Not a boring moment on the coach with him. He came up with some very inventive ideas and took us to some “hidden treasures” which he’d discovered along his travels. Our driver (Geoff), amazed me with his perfect driving. When one does that much driving, you’d think they’d lose focus or concentration but this man was just on top of it at all times. Cant say there was any time where we felt unsafe with him behind the wheel. If I may, there was very little we were not satisfied with on this tour, one of them being the IBIS where we spent the first and last night. Compared to the other hotels (but for one other), it was not great unfortunately. The other was the hotel in Frans Josef. Mainly the food there. I would just say that in comparison to the other hotels we stayed at, these were a little disappointing. But, for the most of it, we had an absolute blast. Thank you too Christina for working with me on this booking and following through to the tour. You were great and so very patient with me. Thank you. ;) Have an awesome day. Kind regards Rene’

Alan & Anne Blackmore, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 12th March 2017

The tour was absolutely brilliant, the sight seeing, the tour guide (Mel) the driver (Geoff) and the accommodation was 200%. If I had a repeat of what we had I would definitely go again the weather was good but next time would travel in summer mainly just to see the activities on the lakes like Lake Wakitipu. Overall everything was just great but definitely Mel our tourist guide was a big contributor to the success of the tour We wish her all the best in her future Good work AAT Kings

Mrs Yuk Hang Yvonne and Mr Chi Yeung Fung, AAT Kings 18 day Best of New Zealand (ZABC) - Includes Early Bird Discount - 18th February, Travelled on 18th February 2017

Dear Jane, The tour has been well organized and service is very good; scenery in NZ is wonderful. The service provided by NZ Coach Tour has also been fantastic. Will definitely recommend your company to friends who wish to have an escorted tour in NZ. Best wishes Yvonne

Kanthi & Lindamulage Desilva, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight with Pre Tour Arrangements, Travelled on 27th January 2017

Dear Christina Thank you very much for organising the above tour which we did starting from 29th Jan 2017.  You also did arrange for us the pre tour arrangements picking us from Picton ferry terminal. It was fantastic. My husband and I enjoyed every thing we saw and did. The coaches were very comfy, guides and drivers were friendly. South Island New Zealand is the most beautiful country we've been. We are thankful to you for your great service. We felt you looked after our needs extremely well. Best Wishes Kanthi

Cherilyn & Erwin Danzer, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista, Travelled on 22nd January 2017

We were very fortunate to work with Jane during our NZ coach tour booking. She was very helpful, thoughtful and patient throughout the process. Her responses were prompt and informational.

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The AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista tour had a good balance of the city, nature parks, gorgeous views, Maori culture and adventure. At times the time spent on the coach seemed a little excessive, but there were enough stops along the way for snacks, bathroom breaks and just to stretch out. Perhaps we didn't realize how big New Zealand was!

David & Patricia Thomas, AAT Kings 10 Day Southern Spectacular, Travelled on 21st January 2017

We had a great experience on the tour of the North Island last year which is why we booked again for a tour of the South Island. This tour was even better as the scenery was spectacular. The tour was very well organised and within the time we covered a large part of the South Island. Jane was very helpful in arranging the tour and the extra nights accommodation and we would recommend this tour to anyone wishing a tour of a lifetime.

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We would also recommend doing the tour of New Zealand as two separate tours for the North and South Islands as there is so much to see and one long tour would be exhausting. Thanks again Jane for making our visits to New Zealand so memorable. Best wishes David and Pat Thomas

Ramesh & Samyuktha Neelakantam, AAT Kings 10 Day Southern Panorama (ZRQC), Travelled on 15th January 2017

We enjoyed the trip, very much and accommodation and activities were superb. Also Sahara and Jeff our coach drivers were very very good and helpful in every way, we miss them. We will recommend our friends and tell them about the AAT Kings tours. Please convey our thanks to Jeff and Sahara. Thank you once again Ramesh and Samy.

Nagaraj & Sudha Jajoor, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 10th January 2017

Hi Christina, We had a wonderful, most memorable Trip. NZ is the most beautiful country we have seen so far. Everything was great, no complaints at all and the tour was well planned and arranged. We have already recommended your name to our family and friends. Thank You, Sudha and Raj

Cal & Kathy Stone, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 6th January 2017

It was a very enjoyable tour. Our guide, Dexter, was exceptional in terms of his knowledge of NZ history, bng and important also an ability to explain customs, agricultural practices, etc. He is patient and very helpful. The itinerary took us to the right spots, interesting and important.

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However, for us, there was too much time on the road. Before the trip we assumed that it would take less time to get from place to place--we can drive 1000 kilometers in a day in the US. For us, fewer miles and therefore fewer sites(more time at each site) would have worked better. It's a case where less is more. This, however, does not negate the good memories we have of the trip. And, much appreciation for Shelley's work in adjusting our schedule for those times after the tour. The adjustments worked well for us. Thank you Shelley. Cal and Kathy Stone

Duane Coombs & Allic Robinson, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders (LRQC), Travelled on 2nd January 2017

Great tour! No complaint about hotels. Tour guides very knowledgeable. Salli Smith is a great tour consultant. Gave me some good advice and always pleasant.

Shailesh & Nila Patel, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 13th December 2016

Myself and my wife thoroughly enjoyed a wide range of hotels and sight seeing, not to mention the opportunity to explore cities on our own. The sight seeing was out of this world. I have referred my relatives to AAT Kings. I give high opinion of my tour and experiences.

Christina & Paavo Rouvala, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 11th December 2016

Hi! Tour was excellent. Your help was most important thing when planning this tour. You were so patient and gave your expertise to our use. Thank you and happy new year for 2017!

Siobhan Jennings, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight (LCQR) -Single Private Room, Travelled on 26th November 2016

Hi Hayley Greetings from Dublin! I hope you had a great Christmas! I was quite jet lagged on the return journey so only getting back to you after my journey to say thanks to you for all of your help with arranging the trip around the South Island! I was so disappointed when I realised that we were not going to go into Wanaka as I planned to call in in person! I really felt able to book this trip because you were so positive and available to discuss the ins and outs of the trip! I had a lovely experience with AAT Kings and would recommend them anytime! Milford Sound was really the highlight though Queenstown was really lovely aswell! So thanks again and happy New Year Siobhan

Citra Amelinda, Retnasih Handarini & Herda Sandyamira, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 27th November 2016

Hi Michelle, New Zealand is such a beautiful country with very friendly people. The tour was organized perfectly. The hotels were nice the food was marvelous. JP, the guide, knew all the things about New Zealand, remembered our favorite things individually (such as our love of cookies). Scotty the driver smiled a lot, had good interaction with the passengers and drove carefully. Looking forward to joining this tour again when we go back to NZ Best regards, Citra Amelinda

Anne and Alan Dyson, AAT Kings 18 day Best of New Zealand (ZABC), Travelled on 18th November 2016

Hi Natalie, We were delighted with our holiday in New Zealand - what an amazing country you have! Such diversity and stunning scenery. The tour was well organised, the guide and driver were excellent and we were happy with the hotels - the Langham in particular. We will recommend the tour to all our friends and would like to thank you for your services - your booking was efficient and very easy to use and you responded quickly to all our enquiries. Best wishes, Anne Dyson

John & Rita Ross, AAT Kings 15 Day New Zealand Experience (ZCCA), Travelled on 13th November 2016

Laura Davidson, consultant for NZ coach tours, handled our booking for the AAT Kings 15 day tour. We give her full marks for it. All went well without any problem what so ever. The tour, for us, was marred by me on the first day. I injured my left leg. MUST give the tour Captain & the driver our sincere thanks. They went out of there way to help us. Thanks Vale & Mark you managed to make our tour enjoyable despite my gummy leg.

Marilyn & Douglass Hinsdale, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC), Travelled on 8th November 2016

It was a wonderful tour. We had a great time and met some interesting people.

Jeff & Jane Owenby, AAT Kings 10 Day Contrasts of New Zealand (IZANB), Travelled on 28th October 2016

We had a fantastic tour of New Zealand. We were able to see all of the highlights of the country during our time there. We really enjoyed Milford Sound and Queenstown. While in Queenstown, we took a Shotover jet boat ride. We'd love to come back to NZ someday. Much thanks to Laura Davidson for helping us arrange our dream vacation! Jane & Jeff Owenby

Michael & Cecilia Smith, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Marvel (LCCA), Travelled on 31st October 2016

The tour was great! New Zealand is a beautiful country. Our tour consultant Jane was great. She provided us with all the necessary paper work and answered all our questions. The tour guide, Val and driver Stu were fabulous. friendly, organized and very knowledge about New Zealand. The coach itself was very comfortable. The accommodations were very good. The meals provided on the tour were good as well. We look forward to coming back and perhaps touring north of Auckland. Thank you for showing us New Zealand and we look forward to touring with you again.

Siew Pheng Lim, Siew Leng Tan, Foong Wan Hue, Meng Choo See Toh & Huey Chin Wee, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 16th October 2016

New Zealand – what a beautiful country. A big thank you to you from 5 of us. Thanks for all your help and cooperation in organizing the 9 Day South Island tour for us. Everything went smoothly and we had a fantastic holiday. (But a bit rushed. Especially scenery place drop for 10 to 15 minutes some places we just passed by). Our lovely Manager Mr Kelvin and driver were all very friendly & helpful. Accommodation was well located and comfortable. Food in Christchurch hotel – Worst. Really appreciated everything you did for us. Thank you.

Ian Matanis, AAT Kings 17 day New Zealand Magic (LCBA), Travelled on 17th October 2016

Feedback on my NZ Tour 17th Oct to 2 Nov 2016. Wow! What a fantastic tour. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Please access my Facebook account under Ian Matanis and read the daily blogs and view the photos I logged. You are welcome to use my photos and commentary. Lots of my friends were touring with me on Facebook and loved the photos I uploaded. Thank you to Rob who was bending over backwards to ensure the Tour was set up to my liking. I also had a wonderful Tour Director Isabel and driver Monica. Both very warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Great sense of humor and great to be around. Having been spoilt with these 2 lovely people it was hard to get used to our new driver and tour director for the Bay of Islands tour. Unfortunately that tour director babbled on and tepeated himself too much. So much so, it was becoming annoying. Overall it was a fantastic tour and I am already recommending you to all my friends. Thanks again. Ian

John And Margaret Gayle Driessen, AAT Kings 9 Day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 25th September 2016

What a wonderful trip. Magnificent scenery, friendly and helpful tour guide and driver. Overnight accommodation was lovely. Meals were great. Fellow travellers were friendly and pleasant. Couldn't have asked for more.

Amy & Ian Leslie, AAT Kings 14 day Southern Spirit (LCQW), Travelled on 15th September 2016

Hi Christina, Thank you so much for organising this tour for us. It went very smoothly and well organised. South Island is very beautiful with stunning landscape. We were very lucky we had such gorgeous weather during our the trip except when we got to Nelson. It was a bit wet but that didn't dampen our spirits. It was a small group of 10 and we got to know each other. Lu is a great tour director, very knowledgeable, a great organiser and resourceful. Monica, our excellent and fearless coach driver. It was a great experience. Milford sound overnight cruise was the highlight. Overall, Ian and I thought it was a 10/10. We will definitely recommend you and AATKings to our family and friends. Regards Amy and Ian

Charles Chan, Sandra & Kevin Loo-Chan, AAT Kings 14 Day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 9th September 2016

We had a wonderful time in this beautiful and action-filled vacation in the North and South Island of NZ. Louise Barrett has done a terrific job in customizing our itinerary to suit our taste. I would definitely consider NZ Coach Tours again in the future. Charles Chan, Sandra and Kevin Loo-Chan

Kenneth Lind, Lars-Goran Williamsson & Helena Hermansson, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 5th June 2016

We had a fantastic tour! The scenery on the South Island gave us so many wow moments, the things we learnt about the Maori culture on the North Island was interesting and fascinating. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone interested in New Zealand. Kudos to Laura at New Zealand Coach Tours, she helped us with everything from pre-tour arrangements to re-arrange the entire arrangement when we had to move the trip to NZ. Thanks Laura! Kenneth / Lars-Goran / Helena

Mike and Ruth Purves, AAT Kings 18 day Best of New Zealand (ZABC) - Departing on the 23rd April with a pre tour night on the 22nd, Travelled on 22nd April 2016

Dear Charlie, Thank you for your contribution towards a fantastic holiday and lifetime experience. We could not have enjoyed it more! We filled in the normal assessment form but wanted to elaborate our views and have now done so in the attached. Please distribute this as appropriate particularly to AAT Kings. Happy to address any questions you or others may have. Thank you again for all your hard work in making this possible. We could not have done it without you! Kia Ora Kindest regards Mike and Ruth Purves

Alan & Diane Garmson, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 1st May 2016

Really awesome Mark the tour guide new so much and was so helpful as was Trent the driver who's driving was great. The scenery, accommodation food was all top class we would go again tomorrow we have told friends.

John and Sherry Reimer, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Spotlight (LABW) extended tour version, Travelled on 26th December 2015

Hi Charlie, I wanted to write and tell you what a fabulous time my husband and I had on our New Zealand tour December 25-January 6. We had never gone on a tour before and we really enjoyed the relaxation of knowing the details were taken care of and all we had to do was sit back and take in the beauty of New Zealand. I told my friends and family that if they lose track of me they should check New Zealand because I probably went back and didn't tell anyone! Thank you for all your help. Sincerely, Sherry and John Reimer

Jeanne Wai Sheong Lee, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 6th March 2016

Apology for late feedback. I had a wonderful trip and enjoyed every moment of the beautiful scenery and sumptuous buffet meals. I only received my travel wallet/itinerary towards the end of the trip.

Mrs Patricia Hannant and Mr Stanley Frith, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Wonders (LWBA), Travelled on 9th March 2016

Dear Charlie, We are back home now. The holiday with Kings certainly lived up to our expectation, we had a most enjoyable time (full marks to all who made it that way). Patricia

Cathie & Derek Munt, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Marvel (LCCA) With Pre-Tour Arrangements , Travelled on 4th February 2016

Our trip to New Zealand completely surpassed our expectations. New Zealand was larger and infinitely more varied and exciting than any brochure could capture. From the moment we contacted Jane Zweerrenz at New Zealand Coach tours until we said farewell to our driver, Mark and our guide Mel, we felt like honoured guests for whom nothing was too much trouble to arrange. 

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Without Jane's patience and thorough knowledge of what was available we would not have had such splendid accommodation in Auckland , nor would we have seen so much in such a short time. Her meticulous planning ensured that we did not have to worry about getting from place to place.Our itinerary was customised to our exact requirements and every aspect, accommodation, trips and chauffeuring was top class. The response to any query was swift both prior to and during our stay and at all times we felt well supported. Our coach trip was a great success. We would never have covered so much of the islands on our own. Travelling was extremely comfortable and was enhanced by the informative commentaries of both our guide and driver. In fact , in one location we knew more than the local guide, due to Mel's potted histories. The seat rotation system helped everyone to get know each other very quickly and ensured a fair distribution of seating. On a fairly full coach this was much appreciated by all . The team's professionalism ensured that a problem with the coach, which necessitated a spell in the garage, did not interrupt our schedule. They worked tirelessly to re-arrange alternative transport, hotel meals and trips and kept us informed. Indeed I have a very fond memory of standing under a bridge on a dry river bed to keep cool while waiting for The school bus to return us to Geraldine! At the end of out coach trip we hired a car to explore the Bay of Islands area. True to form, we were given excellent tips and advice by Mark , the coach driver, that helped us to get the best out of our time in the north. The month went all too quickly.We would have no hesitation in advising anyone planning a trip to New Zealand to talk to you first. They couldn't do better. With grateful thanks for everything, Cathie and Derek Munt

Sylvia Gerdtz, Karen & Sally Morley, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Spotlight (LABW), Travelled on 11th February 2016

We found the whole process of booking the tour efficient and trouble free. Thank you. Our request for three separate beds in one room was met by every place we stayed in. Staff were professional and always helpful which was greatly appreciated particularly as Sally was in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, however, Copthorne Hotel in the Bay of Islands deliberately prevented wheelchair access to the dining room, reception and main exit by erecting an elaborate barrier in front of the doors between our rooms and the dining area. This practice continued despite our requests to make the areas accessible. I hope that this can be dealt with as there were other tourists there with mobility problems who must have found the alternative, stairs (impossible for Sally) difficult to navigate.

Rodney & Moira Stubley, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 4th January 2016

Send us your feedback here... Your organisation for our AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista tour was flawless. Your instructions/advices were as helpful as they could be. AAT Kings tour met with expectations and was as advertised - their onsight people (tour manager and driver) did everything they could to make this an enjoyable experiance.

Helen and Ricky Horsewood, AAT Kings 17 day New Zealand Contrasts (LABC), Travelled on 26th December 2015

Hi Charlie We have just returned from our wonderful holiday wit AAT Kings to NZ Everything went to plan and we had such a good time Many thanks for everything Helen & Ricky Horsewood

Sue Temple, AAT Kings 10 day Contrasts of New Zealand (IZANB), Travelled on 20th November 2015

Thanks Natalie for all your great advice and organisation for this trip, I had the best time! Everything was planned out exactly as I expected it to without a hitch anywhere along the way. The tour guide, Marty, was awesome :o) that guy deserves some serious recognition. Some feedback for next time though:- - tell me that Trafalgar is actually who I will be touring with as I spent too long at the airport looking for AAT Kings contacts when it should have been Trafalgar ... almost got the wrong transfer twice! - help match age groups better as the average age of my tour was significantly older (at least double my age!) than I expected which impacted on my plans on a few of the days for activities etc - I didn't get any included choice activity on Day 8 and had to pay for every single activity I signed up for and the tour guide didn't seem to know anything about an included choice voucher - Christchurch is still a very run down town and staying an extra day wasn't necessary at all, I spent most of it sleeping Thanks again Natalie for your fantastic service whilst booking this trip, I'll definitely be in touch again for my next one. Sue

Marina Clark and Darcy Amnuel, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC), Travelled on 18th October 2015

Dear Charlie, Thank you very much for working with us and booking an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. You were absolutely wonderful. Thank you again for everything. Darcy and Marina

Dawn Scurlock, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR) , Travelled on 11th October 2015

I was extremely happy with the tour and it was worth every penny. The South Island of New Zealand was breath taking and our tour guide Lu and our awesome driver were very informative, attentive to our needs and just outstanding individuals! Thank you for a trip i will never forget!

Leanne Chamberlin, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 28th April 2015

Hi Andrea I had a fantastic time, New Zealand is absolutely beautiful. I got along really well with my roommate, Lynne from Scotland and met some truly wonderful people. I now want to save up and go back again, I would love to do a more intensive South Island Trip, something like 14-15 days, if you have anything like that please send me through some info. Thank you for all your help. Kind Regards Leanne Chamberlin

Carol Potter, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Discovery (ZABW), Travelled on 25th April 2015

My first overseas trip & I thoroughly enjoyed it. Travelling single but everyone on the tour was wonderful. Accommodation top class, meals very good & included trips/activities also. The tour guide & coach driver were friendly, fun & very informative. Would love to visit the South Island some time in the future.

Michelle, Evan, Caleb and Madelyn McLean, AAT Kings 17 day New Zealand Contrasts (LABC) plus Hobbiton day tour, Travelled on 24th April 2015

Our tour and all its arrangements were wonderful. Our consultant Andrea helped us to find the right tour and sorted out the extras without fuss. And then the tour was everything we dreamed for it and more. Thank you New Zealand Coach Tours - you may it all easy and we loved our holiday to NZ.

Dick and Jenny Gee, AAT Kings 18 day Essence of New Zealand (LCQA), Travelled on 16th April 2015

We had a great tour! As it was off peak season when we toured, our coach less than full allowing lots of room for everyone and no problems with line ups at attractions.

George and Donna Mantoan, AAT Kings 10 day Southern Spectacular (ZCQR) , Travelled on 4th April 2015

Hi Charlie, We have been back from our trip for about a week now and things are starting to get back to normal at the office. I just wanted to let you know that we REALLY enjoyed the AAT Kings tour of the south island. Our guide was great, the accommodations and food were good, and the sights were beautiful. We were lucky that we visited Milford Sound the day before the snow came and closed the road. It would have been very disappointing to have missed that part of the trip. Thanks again for all your work in helping me to plan our trip. Donna Mantoan

Barbara Chittenden and Pauline Clark, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 15th March 2015

Back home now. We had a fantastic time. The tour was great (even if a bit tiring), so much to do and see. Never a moment to get bored. Our Tour Guide; John Paul and Patrick our driver were both great and knowledgeable, plus good company. We had every faith in them both regarding our safety and making sure the trip went well for everyone. The hotels and food were extremely good, but one we felt, did not come up to the standard of the Heritage or Scenic hotels and that was the Ibis in Christchurch. The room was very gloomy and the dining area rather basic. We know from some other people that they felt the same. But having said that, they are usually business peoples' overnight stop hotels all around the world and hey- nothing is perfect! Anyway, Barbara thinks that maybe on her visit next time she might consider doing the same in the North Island. Thank you for your help in assisting making our trip a holiday of a lifetime - especially for me as I may not be able to go again. Regards, Pauline Clark and Barbara also.

Jonathan and Linda Muller, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 9th March 2015

Dear Charlie We very much enjoyed our holiday in New Zealand and thank you for making all the arrangements for us to make it into a hassle free holiday. All of your arrangements worked well from arriving in New Zealand to getting back to the airport at the end of the holiday. AAT Kings were very well organised on their trip which helped to make it an enjoyable experience. All the hotels were very good and very well located making it easy to walk around the towns and cities. Activities were as stated in the itinery and we had a reasonable amount of time at each place. Optional extra activities were also well planned. The tour guide was knowledgeable and helpful and the coach driver was very good. We were a large group particularly from Christchurch going south and then back to Christchurch, everything ran smoothly including transfers back to the airport. Thank you once again for all your help in making the arrangements and answering all of our questions. Regards Jonathan and Linda

Margaret and Geoffrey Gardner, AAT Kings 21 day Spirit of New Zealand (LCQB), Travelled on 5th March 2015

We had a brilliant tour, thank you. The tour director, Ngairi, and driver, Mon, were good-humoured and knowledgeable. They contributed a lot to the tour's success. The itinerary was good though we'd have liked more time in Wellington and Napier and less time on the west coast with the sand flies. We're already recommending the tour to others as it was so good.

Margaret and Geoffrey Gardner, AAT Kings 21 day Spirit of New Zealand (LCQB), Travelled on 5th March 2015

Thank you Charlie and New Zealand Coach tours for being so friendly and helpful in organising our AAT Kings tour. We were delighted with the price and you made it very easy for us to sort it out. The tour was amazing and you contributed to a wonderful holiday so thank you.

Timothy and Melanie O'Brien, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC), Travelled on 3rd March 2015

My husband and I enjoyed our trip to New Zealand. Alan, our guide, was very knowledgable and was passionate about New Zealand. He ensured that my special dietary requirements were met which I appreciated. Mark was a very pleasant and competent driver who focused on safety. We were very happy with the level of accomodation at all of the hotels we stayed in. When we first arrived in New Zealand we caught the shuttle bus as instructed. The driver wanted us to give him a voucher which we had not been given at that time. We received it later that evening at our welcome meeting together with all of the other paperwork. Day 6 - I was disappointed that the trip did not include whale watching as the itinerary said "En route to the whale-watching haven of Kaikoura" and showed a picture of a whale's tail, making me, and others on the trip, think this was one of the things we were going to see. I found Christchurch a very sad place due to the damage caused by the earthquake and would have preferred to only go there once. Whilst there we struggled to find somewhere to eat as it was a Sunday and most places were shut. Did not feel that this was the best place/time to leave us to arrange our own meal. The meal on our last night at Novotel was not of good quality, and the service was particularly poor - they didn't seem able to cope very well with a large group to cater for. Towards the end of our holiday we went on a treetop tour which was not very interesting - just trees! Can't remember where this was. Nobody seemed very impressed by it. New Zealand is a beautiful country and we enjoyed our coach trip very much. Travelling this way meant that we could see as much as possible in the short period of time we had.

Jan and Colin Vigar, AAT Kings Inspiring Journeys 12 Day The Southern Drift (NZSI) plus Rotorua to Auckland, Travelled on 16th February 2015

Hi Andrea We are back home in the UK after a fabulous holiday in New Zealand and Australia! I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance. Everything went as planned, like clockwork and the small group AATKINGS inspirational journeys tour made it all really comfortable with excellent hotels, meals and space on that coach with like minded people. Even our personalised whistle stop cherry picking trips in North Island all went to plan! We are so glad we chose The Southern Drift tour and feel we really explored South Island. Stewart Island was really special and we have the photos to prove it - only 2000 of them to sort through and edit. But all full of unforgettable memories! I remember you saying 'you'll want to come back' and I know we will! The icing on the cake was to be upgraded to a junior suite in The Rendezvous in Auckland on our last night - the very night the Aussies had lost to New Zealand in the World Cup! And it coincided with the last night of Chinese New Year! So, once again many many thanks. Jan and Colin Vigar

Ludmilla Horne and Christine Ingalls, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 3rd March 2015

The hotels were great. The locations were perfect and the rooms clean and quite spacious. All the breakfasts were also great. The tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable as was the driver. My only problem was a horrible virus that I got early on the tour along with most of the bus. I tried to make the most of the tour inspite of the virus. New Zealand is beautiful especially the South island. Mila

Merilyn and Robert Braunsthal, AAT Kings 21 day Spirit of New Zealand (LCQB) 05/02/15 Guaranteed, Travelled on 5th February 2015

We both had a wonderful holiday in NZ. Tania and the bus driver did a magnificent job. The only accommodation that was not up to par was the Mercure in Auckland - lifts in the hotel were a BIG problem. We would recommend your company to anyone wishing to tour NZ Merilyn Braunsthal

David and Paulene West, AAT Kings 18 day Best of New Zealand (ZABC), Travelled on 12th February 2015

Dear Andrea, I must admit I had some doubts about booking our tour through a company on the other side of the world, but the service we received could not be faulted. From the first contact when you telephoned us back after my first enquiry to the final details we were kept fully informed at every stage, provided with information about travel arrangements and our additional requirements (hotels and internal flights) were organised quickly and efficiently. We are very grateful to you and Charlie for your efforts and would highly recommend your company to anyone seeking to arrange a tour in New Zealand. Our tour, the 18 day Best of New Zealand, was all that we had hoped. The information provided by the tour personnel was outstanding and we visited places we would not have seen if we had arranged a tour independently. On our first trip to New Zealand, the tour provided a marvellous insight to both islands, and gave us the opportunity to judge where we would like to spend more time when we return. Overall, it was a great experience and our thanks again for helping to make it such a success. Best wishes to you both. David and Paulene West

Julie Sargent and Martin Van der Meer, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR) - Departing on the 8th February, Travelled on 8th February 2015

Hi Charlie, Just a quick thank you for our holiday arrangements. Everything went to plan with no hick ups. We had a fabulous time over there and will definitely be back to do more exploring in the North Island, so we may be in contact again one day. I will gladly recommend your tour company to anyone else that is planning to travel there. Thank you again. Julie

Joseph and Gail Miluso & Charles and Jane Shoemaker, AAT Kings 14 day Southern Spirit (LCQW) 05/02/15 guaranteed, Travelled on 5th February 2015

We recently returned home from a most wonderful visit to New Zealand. We booked the 14day AAT Kings Southern Spirit tour through the New Zealand Coach Tours Company. While the country is so beautiful; the thing that will stay with us forever are its’ people. We can’t say enough about the warmth and kindness everyone showed us. It started with Andrea, the New Zealand Coach Tours agent. She was so friendly and helpful; answering even the smallest question in a timely fashion; even calling us on our cell phone when she saw we were struggling to complete our reservation on line. She clearly wanted us to have the tour that best matched our needs and style. AAT Kings provided us with a wonderful tour; however, we did find the information on side trips published by AAT Kings a bit hard to understand before leaving for our trip. We were happy to find out that we could make choices on these extras as the trip proceeded. Another surprise was the fact that the bus had folks on 18 and 21 day tours over lapping with our 14 day tour. This made us a bit sad to leave while others continued. The tour itself was a great overview of the south island with a couple of nights in Wellington for good measure. The accommodations were great, as was the food. Our guide, Tania, was very helpful in going the extra mile to assist us in hooking up with some dear friends that live in New Zealand. Tania clearly loves showing her country to visitors. The one downside for us was her lack of clarity when explaining things to foreigners. While we all spoke English; the differences in pronunciation and expressions made things challenging at times. Also, her enthusiasm, when interjecting bits of information, distracted her from completing her previous message with some frequency. Our bus driver, Stu, was wonderful. We were completely confident in his driving skills; enjoyed his sense of humor; and appreciated his ability to pass on information regarding the sights (he’s a guide in his own right). We had bus trouble on one occasion; and we were truly impressed with Tania and Stu’s ability to troubleshoot this in a most timely fashion. We received a warm welcome from the Kiwis at every turn. If we opened a map to find our way during free time, someone immediately stopped and tried to help; even to the point of walking us to our destination. While a few locals assured us they had their share of “naughty” people; we never met a one. Awesome trip!!!

Philip and Rose Dickinson, AAT Kings 18 day Essence of New Zealand (LCQA) 05/02/15 Guaranteed, Travelled on 5th February 2015

Andrea Thank you and your colleagues for your organising such an enjoyable tour. We are now back home and have been very pleased with what you all did. We were amazed at how quickly you organised a spare coach and repaired ours when it suffered a breakdown on the Sunday afternoon near Milford Sound. We thought that the hotels were, on the whole, very good; the Scenic ones were excellent. Thank you. Philip Dickinson

Deborah Anne Powell, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Discovery (ZABW), Travelled on 9th January 2015

Hi Andy! I am now back home from my visit to Australia and New Zealand and able to draw breath - and shiver in the wintery winds and snow flurries! I would just like to thank you for everything you did to ensure that my first visit to New Zealand went really really well. The AATKing Tour of North Island was just great. A very nice mix of people and the AATKing personnel - Sarah and Mark - were excellent. My independent bit of travel which you kindly organised for me went like a dream (although I could have done with some of the info that Sarah readily gave us en route!). Having said that the driver from Nelson to Greymouth was very good at keeping us informed. And all the pick-ups and drop-offs worked like a charm. I finished my visit staying with relatives in the Dunedin and Bannockburn areas and enjoyed one of the best summers on record! And the wineries, jet boating but balked at the bungy jumping although I did visit the A J Hackett Centre! I will be back again - hopefully at a different part of the year to experience a change of season - and I am telling all my friends that it should be on their bucket lists - once the kids are off the payrolls!! Take care and many thanks and if you ever make it to Ireland - do let me know! Kind regards Deborah Powell

David and Vivienne Dwyer, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 24th January 2015

Hi Andrea, Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance with booking our Coach Tour of South Island from January 25th to 1st February. The whole trip was brilliant & went off without a hitch, even the weather co-operated! we have now returned to the UK & are getting used to what passes for Spring here. Once again thanks for your help D & V Dwyer.

Jeanne Warisse Tappy, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders (LRQC) (twin share with Anne Marie Steinhauer), Travelled on 12th January 2015

Hi Charlie ! Just a few words to let you know that the tour I went on in the South Island from Christchurch to Christchurch from the 10/01/15 to the 19/01/15 was absolutely great ! The organisation ,the places we visited ,the coach ,the guide and the driver were fantastic .Back in France I remember with great pleasure every day of this tour . May I insist that the guide " Tania " was really exceptional :very informative about all cultural ,historical ,social aspects of the South in particular , and about New Zealand in general. Her various skills enhanced the tour and made it very entertaining . I shall certainly come back to N.Z. and I would highly recommend ATT King to anyone. Regards . Jeannette Tappy

Linda Bradley and Glenys Gough, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Discovery (ZABW), Travelled on 4th December 2014

Wwe had an amazing time. Arrangements, via email, and an initial (and unexpected) telephone call from Charlie Burford, in response to my enquiry, went smoothly. Ted, the tour guide, was engaging, enthusiastic, and entertaining. Monica, the driver, was knowledgeable and a fantastic driver. Trips were well organised, varied and informative. Giving a well balanced view of New Zealand life and culture. All hotels were great but The Langham was excellent.

Wallis and Elisabetta Riddell, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC) - Guaranteed departure 30th December - includes earlybird discount of 5% if paid in full by the 6th July 2014, Travelled on 30th December 2014

A very scenic and interesting coach tour with excellent commentary and helpfulness from our very experienced tour director and driver. N Z highlights were spot on, however personally we would have preferred perhaps an additional night in Auckland and/or Wellington rather than 2 nights in Rotorua and Christchurch..Excellent choice of hotels for a 3 star tour apart from Mercure and Ibis. Good hotels in the more rural locations - more hotel for,your money! Thanks for prompt email replies,to,any queries sent and joining instructions.

Alan and Ann Ball, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 4th January 2015

Andrea My wife and I have just returned to the UK after spending four weeks in New Zealand. I arranged a Southern Spotlight trip through you between 4-12 January. Everything about the trip was excellent and I am very grateful for all the arrangements you made which went like clockwork. I will have no hestitaion in recommending you to anyone who is considering a coachtrip in NZ. Alan Ball

Ms Rhonda Hansen, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight Tour & Independant tour starting 12th, Travelled on 4th January 2015

Hi Charlie I'm back home in Australia today. I would like to say thank you for your help in organising my holiday and touring in New Zealand. The AAT Kings tour was really good and I enjoyed seeing the sights of the South Island. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in New Zealand and was very happy with the extra accommodation and tours that you suggested then booked for me. The train journeys were magic. I did cancel the whale watching tour in Kaikora as it was much rougher than I anticipated and I didn't want to ruin my good memories of my cruise at Akaroa the day before when the weather was amazing and I saw the Hector dolphins swimming with the boat and little blue penguins swimming as well. Overall my trip was fantastic and thanks for suggesting the additional tours for me. Thanks Rhonda Hansen

Deborah Thorne, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders (LRQC) - Twin share option 15th December - including pre tour accommodation on the 14th December, Travelled on 14th December 2014

Booking this tour from the UK was made very easy through your website and any questions promptly answered via email. Very competitive price and accurate tour description, overall a great tour. Thank you

Cynthia Greig, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC), Travelled on 1st December 2014

The tour was excellent and exceeded my expectations. It was well arranged and every day was good. I enjoyed every aspect of it, the quality of the coach, driver and hotels was very high. New Zealand is a wonderful country and New Zealanders are lovely people. The service in arranging this tour was excellent and gave me great peace of mind here in the UK before I left.Thank you for a wonderful tour

Gail Norman and Christopher Simond, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC) 25/11/14 guaranteed, Travelled on 25th November 2014

Send us your feedback here... I would like to say what an excellent tour this was. We were very well looked after by Tania Simpson, our guide, whose knowledge and sense of humour really made the holiday. The hotels were very clean and the food we had was excellent, and our travelling companions were most interesting and varied. What a beautiful country New Zealand is.

Terence and Liay Eng Pearlgood, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Wonders (LWBA) 10/12/14 Guaranteed including pre and post tour accommodation, Travelled on 9th December 2014

Overall we were very happy with NZ Coach Tours in their organisation and support - setting up what we needed, with extra days, was booked quickly and trouble free, as well as our airport transfers. Shame that NZCT could not have arranged much better weather in the North Island for our tour! Would recommend to friends etc.

Sudershan Kshetrapal, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC), Travelled on 9th December 2014

Thanks for every thing. It was a wonderful experience. Both the driver ans tour director were very nice and helpful. Wish you all happy and merry chrishmis

John and Barbara Brett, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders (LRQC) - 1st December departure , Travelled on 1st December 2014

Send us your feedback here... Very well organised and enjoyable. Accommodation varied from excellent to satisfactory. Meals included were excellent. Tour director excellent and very informative. Local guides and optional excursions well chosen. However more time at stops would have been an enhancement.

Gandhi Family, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC) , Travelled on 16th September 2014

We took this tour for 2 weeks from mid-end September, 2014. I will briefly describe our experience. For: Well arranged, good breaks, good commentry. Against: Costly, lots of excursions are extras, no proper vegetarian food. This tour covers both North and South islands and covers a large area. ou will be able to see most of the Newzealand's famous areas. There were enough breaks and weather was nice. Our driver Mark was excellent. The tour is not cheap. We have come from England and having travelled Europe and USA, our expectations were high. Unfortunately, it did not fulfill them. We were particularly disappointed by lots of extras. We expected Sky Diving, Safari tours etc to be extra but not to include small things such as Chocolate factory or Castle trip was disappointing. Anywhere in Europe, these would have been included in coach tours. My wife, son and myself are vegetarians and only two out of ten dinners had vegetarian option otherwise we were asked to take Pasta and boiled rice! I gave this information in feedback form and to Charlie but there is no real response. One more thing, NZ hotels do not provide internet which is norm even for Bed & Breakfast hotels in Europe. In summary, if you find it difficult to arrange by yourself, want suitability of coach and guide, this is a good trip. However, if you can do some more internet search, want to have same fun with lot less money, there are cheaper, better alternatives. Vegetarians - look elsewhere as neither our tour director nor AAT kings have any idea about it. Hope this helps in deciding. Good luck. Dr.Gandhi

Steve and Sonya McMahon, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC) 01/04/14, Travelled on 1st April 2014

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of New Zealand. Our driver and our tour guide (Ted) were both wonderful -- friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and fun. Can't think of anything to criticize -- the hotels, the tours, the food, the schedule, all were just right for us! We highly recommend your tour and we have already told our friends. Thank you!!!

Yeo Group, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC) 02/09/14 guaranteed, Travelled on 2nd September 2014

Hi Andrea It was great. The tour exceeded my expectation. Well done! Cheers Christine

Kristel Croffoot, Jamie Fletcher and Dana Wolf, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Marvel (LCCA) 23/06/14 guaranteed, Travelled on 23rd June 2014

Hi Andi, We had a fabulous time! We were very sad to leave such a beautiful and friendly country. We all thought the tour itself was great. We liked the hotels that we stayed at in each town, and the people who worked there were friendly and helpful when we asked questions. The excursions and places that were apart of the tour were interesting. Everything just seemed to flow together, even when we had a set back or two. The optional excursions were really great too, at least the ones that we got to do. We had some weather issues the first couple days we were there, which cancelled a few of the optional excursions that we had signed up for, but we knew it was a risk. We put those excursions on our to do list for the next time we visit! Our tour guide, Lu Tyree, was absolutely wonderful! We cannot say enough great things about her. Since we were some of the youngest passengers on our tour, she allowed us to go our own way and explore and even gave us tips and directions about things to do and see when we stopped in the towns, which we really appreciated. We felt like we were able to maximize our time in each town and see more of the area and more of what those towns had to offer. We told Lu on multiple occasions that we really appreciated that. Lu made the coach rides entertaining, along with the bus driver, Murray, who was also fabulous. We would highly and definitely recommend AAT Kings to our friends and family and would not hesitate to book another tour with them in the future. Also, I want to thank you, Andi (and Charlie), for your help with everything, while we were getting things booked for the trip. You both answered all our questions and in a timely manner, and we really appreciated that. It definitely made the process less stressful, especially with our first tour being cancelled, and the craziness that followed that. So thank you for all your help. It was greatly appreciated. :) Thank you again, Kristel

Audrie Rowe, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC), Travelled on 13th April 2014

Hello Charlie, We three ladies Kay Giles, Angie Breton, and Audrie Rowe,from Guernsey Channel Islands, have just been to New Zealand and did the 15 day Splendour tour, we cannot praise the way we were treated enough, and thanks to you for sorting our booking for us. Marc Hockley our tour guide,was always approachable,helpful, friendly, nothing was too much bother, we knew when and where we had to be ready, very organised. We being "The ladies at the back" of the bus, did everything we could do ,whale watching in the helicopter, flight around Mt Cook, 2 Jet boat rides,Franz Joseph landing, the bus was always there to pick us up after. Now to our driver Michael Robins, he was a really safe driver, curteous, friendly, helpful,as with him, nothing was too much bother.As we were going to pass through Kaiapoi on the way to Christchurch, the boys dropped us off at the house for a BBQ with our friends , can you imagine what they said when they saw a coach draw up. We made our way to Christchurch later on that evening. The hotels were first class with fine meals and beautiful rooms.Thanks to them we had a trip of a lifetime. Thanks once again Charlie,

Dennis and Karen Casey, AAT Kings 10 day Southern Spectacular (ZCQR), Travelled on 20th April 2014

Tour director and diver were great. Very informative and helpful in obtaining information on what to do and see. Accommodations were very nice except for Twizel which was very dated, poor lighting and the food at dinner was not up to the standards of the other hotels. They had too many tour groups and did not keep up with replenishing he food as needed. Would have liked a few more active options but overall would highly recommend this tour.

Mary and George Chabot, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC), Travelled on 1st April 2014

Dear Charlie: we had the best time in the world in New Zealand. Thank you so much for recommending that we take the higher-priced tour. I saw the places the other bus was staying at, and I am much more satisfied with our experience. We were glad that almost everything was included in the price. We may not have wanted to spend the money for all the different activities, so would not have had such a wonderful experience.

Loo Family, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders (LRQC) , Travelled on 14th April 2014

We had a great experience with the tour, absolutely fantastic and jam packed with amazing scenery. We also make many new friends. The tour guide (Alan) and bus driver (Paul) were great and very knowledgeable. Thank you Charlie Burford for all your help and arrangement.

Jill Hamilton and Christina Dacey, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Spotlight (LABW), Travelled on 4th April 2014

We joined the AATKings tour at Auckland and enjoyed a really interesting week going up to The Bay of Islands and then down to Wellington via Rotorua.The tour leader was very informative and fun with an excellent driver and comfortable coach. We had a good selection of optional trips - our favourite was a day on a Tall ship in the Bay of Islands, the weather and the dolphins were a great bonus! Hotel accommodation was good,with only one noisy room. we really enjoyed the evening of Maori food and entertainment, and the Agrodome in Rotorua. Altogether a highly recommended trip.

Patsy Howell and Peggy Mathias, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders (LRQC), Travelled on 23rd March 2014

We had a wonderful with AAT Kings. All accommodations, places we visited, and activities were extremely good and we would neither one of us change a thing. Our travel companions on the bus were very cohesive and we enjoyed each other tremendously. Kevin and Monica were the high light of our trip as they made it all happen. They make a great combination and all entertainment was excellent. Can't say enough about how much we enjoyed the tour and we would travel with AAT Kings again. Time and funds would be our only items to consider. Ha Thanks again for a great tour.

Dennis and Catherine Morrey, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 9th March 2014

Thank you for arranging the tour for us. Everything was superb and we had a most enjoyable holiday in New Zealand.

Sue and Peter Capes and Barbara and Jack Mackenzie, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 9th February 2014

Hi Charlie, thanks for all your help with the bookings. We're just back in the UK after our extended holiday but we wanted to say how fantastic the coach tour was. Intensive but we saw places we might otherwise have missed. Julianne was an excellent guide and Alan was a superb and friendly driver. Made some great friends and miss you all.

Johnny, Constance, Gary and Judy Fredine, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 11th March 2014

Your company did a great job responding considering the time differences. The comparison chart is great for determining what is included in each package. Thanks John

David and Margaret Tully, AAT Kings 17 day New Zealand Magic (LCBA) , Travelled on 3rd February 2014

We had a fantastic time on the AAT Kings 17 day New Zealand Magic bus tour that we arranged through your good selves (New Zealand Coach Tours). We had a wonderful knowledgeable tour guide and a great driver (Mark and Trent)and were blessed by good weather for the whole 17 days ! Cannot fault it and would thoroughly recommend a similar tour to anyone in the U.K. or elsewhere. Regards, David Tully U.K.

Garth and Margaret Grainger, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 2nd March 2014

We had a wonderful time; helped along by Jullianne, our guide. The spent on the road was just right. Perhaps a bit too rushed - considering we had been travelling for over a week in North Island. Hotels good. All arrangements worked. But would I repeat - yes and no. Yes we would come again but, Its along way for a UK traveller; certainly we enjoyed seeing your country. thank you.

Desley Krebs and Margaret Hill, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 24th February 2014

We had a wonderful journey through the North and South Islands and saw the most beautiful scenery and spectacular places. We certainly did see a lot. Everything was what we had hoped for and more. The places we were taken to left us wishing to make a return trip to follow up on some of them. I think the highlight for us was the beauty of Queenstown. It was just breathtaking. Also the Milford Sound cruise and the journey in was amazing. The Franz Josef Glacier and the trip on the railway from Arthur's Pass to Christchurch was another part that will always be remembered. Christchurch certainly left us with sad memories and hopefully it will not be too long before the beautiful city will be restored to its old feeling. Our driver Mark was a wonderful driver and we felt at ease at all times even though there were some sections that other driver's would not have handled as well. We felt the tour leader Julieanne spent far too much time speaking about her own family and affairs rather than the trip. This was felt by most passengers so it was a change when in the latter part of the trip we learnt about NZ. The other matter was most felt the passengers would have all boarded together and spent the entire trip together instead of dropping off and picking up new passengers. Also most felt it was an inconvenience to have a full bus of 49 passengers and singles being asked to sit in the spare seat a few times as that seat is very difficult to the rest of the back seat passengers when having to get in and out and does not have arm rests and a luggage section. We were very happy with all your help in the build up to our trip and would not hesitate to book through your company again. Thank you very much Charlie. Regards, Desley and Margaret.

Terence and Kathleen Catchpole, AAT Kings 9 day Wonders, travelled 3rd March 2014

Kath and I would like to express our gratitude for all the work you put in for us in regard to our trip to the South Island.  We had a marvellous time and think that the Island is a beautiful place.

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The tour guide Bridget is very knowledgable and great fun to be with.  The coach driver Trent was highly skilled and very helpful.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience and would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone and you never know we might be back again in the near future.

Kind regards

Kath & Terry Catchpole.

Christine Drayson and Margaret Hutchison, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Wonders (LWBA), Travelled on 19th February 2014

Very much enjoyed the tour of the North Island - hotels typically what one would expect of 4 star rating with the exception of the Copthorne at Bay of Islands, which was super! Included excursions were very good, and a nice choice of optional ones.

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The tour guide was particularly helpful and courteous and worked hard to keep us amused on the longer coach trips! Well organized at all points. Might have liked an additional evening meal or two included in the price. Price wise, the package is quite expensive but probably similar to other operators.

Robert and Joan Vincent, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 11th February 2014

We have both enjoyed our holiday. Kevin the director was so,so good.He really made everything happen with all problems solved, and lots of fun. It was just great, thank you AATKing. From Joan and Robert

Michael Lam, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 2nd February 2014

It was a great experience. The weather throughout the journey was great and sunny. Only rained half day in Dunedin. I enjoyed the most are Queenstown dinner,scenic flight over Mount Cook, Dart river jet boat and a lot more!! Milford Sound cruise was also stunning.

Erin Dearing and Karli Tait, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Icons (ZCC), Travelled on 18th January 2014

This tour was amazing. I loved all the places we stopped and visited. The views were breathtaking and beyond beautiful. Cameras cannot capture how wonderful the Southern Islands are. The accommodations were beyond our expectations. The food was great as well, offering many different choices and the desserts were delicious.

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My favorite part of the tour was Franz Josef because of the glaciers and the hiking. It was a great, sunny day and we spent all day outside. Although we were younger than most of the people on the tour, we had a great time. Everyone was wonderful and we made a lot of good friends while traveling. Everyone looks out for one another and genuinely cares about the experience. The bus driver and tour guide were great as well. I never got bus sick and even though at times we had to travel a far distance the guide was knowledgeable and made the time pass. Overall, we had a great experience and I urge anyone who wants to visit the Southern Islands to do this tour.

Anirban Roy and Pallavi Sarkar, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders (LRQC), Travelled on 20th January 2014

We were really lucky that we came across 'New Zealand Coach Tours'. We planned this trip for celebrating our 2nd marriage anniversary and they made our trip really amazing. New Zealand itself is a beautiful place, lovely & helpful people. The tour director and coach driver were very informative and friendly.

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The hotels were definitely excellent, foods were great and loads of variety to taste. Every single day was so properly planned that we didn't felt like wasting our time. Optional tours were even planned very nicely and proper care was taken that we were at the right place, at the right time. With everything so perfect we would definitely call this 'A Trip to Remember Forever'. We would like to thank 'New Zealand Coach Tours' and 'AAT Kings' for making our Anniversary trip so special and memorable. Last but not least we thank Andrea (Tour Consultant) by heart for being there with us from the first day of our tour booking and making every thing absolutely hassle free for us, for even listening to our n number of queries and doubts and answering them so promptly and patiently. We wish 'New Zealand Coach Tours' and 'AAT Kings' more success and prosperity. With warm regards Anirban & Pallavi :

Karen Fields, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Marvel (LCCA) , Travelled on 20th January 2014

Great tour very organized New Zealand coach tours good company good communications take care of all your booking. Would highly recommend tour and booking company.

Han Yew Wong and family, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 15th December 2013

Happy New Year to u and everyone in New Zealand Coach Tours. Our family had a wonderful, memorable and enjoyable time in NZ. Everything form accommodation to sightseeing were perfect. Thank Andrea for arranging the tour and I will definitely recommend you to my friends who intend to go to NZ.

Saeeda Iqbal, AAT Kings 10 day Contrasts of New Zealand (IZANB) - Travelled on 13th December 2013

Enter your story here... I had a fantastic time touring NZ with AAt King tours. The tour guide Marty was very eloquent and informative and helpful. His aboriginal stories were fascinating and his cheerful personality ,an added bonus.The accommodation in all hotels was up to the standard.Transfers were on time and problem free. My only criticism is that not enough time or information was given,beforehand ,to be able to have experienced a swim, in the hot,sulphuric ,waters in Rotorua.I would not have minded giving a miss to the little,Springdale park in order to be given a choice of a swim in the hot springs. Or may be ,the time in Rotorua should have been extended. I was also disappointed that I did not meet you while I was in NZ, having got to know you a bit before my trip to NZ. My thanks to NZ coach Tours ,for giving me a very memorable time in NZ. Regards Saeeda

Chek Family , AAT Kings 9 day Southern Icons (ZCC), Travelled on 23rd November 2013

This trip was one of the best we had. From the onset starting with the booking till the journey home, we were blessed with the experience and hospitality. Although we were miles away with time difference when we booked this coach tour, with no idea if the company we were dealing with, we were pleasantly surprised by the service we were provided, Once again, thanks to Charlie Burford.

Lucy Gualtieri and Helene Marcogliese, AAT Kings 14 day New Zealand Vista (LAAC), Travelled on 4th November 2013

Hi Andrea, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed our tour of New Zealand as well as our accomodations in Auckland. Tania, our guide and Rob, our bus driver made our tour all the more special. There is not much I'd change except for one or two of the accomodations. Everything else was great. New Zealand and its people are amazing. I'd definitely recommend AAT Kings to family and friends. Thank you so much. Lucy Gualtieri

Carmelita Cathie and Denise French and Adele Wiggins, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Spotlight (LABW), Travelled on 16th November 2013

It was a great trip! thankyou for organising it for us. The food, accommodation, coach personnel were all excellent and we had a nice amount of free time to explore ourselves.

Alex and Sarah Mowat, 14 Day Splendour Self Drive Tour & AAT Kings AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders Tour, Travelled on 5th November 2013

Hi Charlie, We've been home now for a few days, and have had some time to recover! (No jet-lag - just sheer exhaustion from all the activities we managed to fit into the trip!) We would just like to say a huge "thank-you" to you for arranging our itinerary during November. What an unbelievably majestic country you live in - the scenery is absolutely overpowering! We really had the most fantastic holiday - every single thing went according to plan, and wherever we were expected to be, we arrived at, and were made to feel welcome by all involved. Your intervention on our behalf for our 30th Anniversary paid off in a couple of places as well, so thanks again for your efforts! I am sure this will not be the first time anyone has said this, but we would unreservedly recommend your services to anyone wishing to embark upon a similar venture to ours. Once again, very many thanks to you and your colleagues - we shall be back (maybe not for a few years though!) All the best for Christmas and the New Year, Kind Regards - Alex & Sarah Mowat

Wen Yun Goh & Eng Lan Ng, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 17th November 2013

Hi Charlie My family feels very comfortable ,very courtesy and enjoyable tours provided by your arrangement. Started from the guy picked up us from the airport till check in the hotel.The guy is very helpful and very polite.The first time we ever experience such well manner, patient in nature and customer focus tour assistant with such excellent services provided. Secondly come with the bus driver,the bus driver also very polite and professional in every aspect from explanation,handling of visitors safety and with passion. Thirdly the hotel and food provided is very excellent.Lastly we have travelled so many countries around the world but such your service provided to customer so far we only experience first time in New Zealand , by AAT. We will coma again and will introduce more visitors to enagage your company for thier tours in future Once again.Thanks for your excellent service provided to us. Best regards Matthew

Patrick and Dora Tang, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Discovery (ZABW), Travelled on 26th October 2013

Enter your story here... My husband and I enjoyed our tour tremendously. The tour was well organized and well ran. Our guide was good, knowledgeable and hard working. The driver, though, was a bit standoffish. Overall it was an eye-opening and wonderful trip. Will recommend your company to my friends.

Allan & Rosa Maria Chrystie, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 21st September 2013

Our AAT Kings Tour was great. From the moment we arrived in Christchurch we were treated exceptionally. AAT Kings tour guide and driver were very helpful and full of information. The sights were saw were spectacular and beautiful. Thank you Charlie for arranging this tour for us. We will be back to do the North Island next time.

Richard and Maryann Jones, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Spotlight (LABW), Travelled on 21st September 2013

Aloha to AAT kings, We wanted you to know that we had a wonderful time on our trip with you on the North Island. The bus was comfortable, our leader, Lu was fantastic and funny too. It is true that Lu can! Our Driver, Mark was truly "top notch" and helpful to me personally when I needed walking directions in Wellington. The AAT Kings crew went out of their way to make our experience the best. We also found the included meals and activities excellent. The Glow Worm Caves, the Hole in the Rock, the Cultural Experience and Dinner, and yes, even the Sheep Shearing demo will all go down as "must do's" when we tell friends what they should do when they visit. Mahalo for a great tour and a wonderful introduction to New Zealand's North Island.

Lynne and Keith Brushett, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Wonders (LRQC), Travelled on 13th February 2013

Thank you Charlie for your help and advice in booking a fabulous AAT Kings coach tour of South Island last month. It was a perfect introduction to NZ and enabled us to sit back and enjoy all the wonderful sights the country had to offer before we embarked on our own touring for the following three weeks. The tour director, Phil, was super - informative, entertaining and very helpful. Our driver Mark was excellent too. All the hotels were great and we managed to do so much in a very short space of time. It's a brilliant way to start a holiday - after such a long journey we could relax for a few days. Thank you once again. Lynne and Keith UK

Lyndon & Gillian Downing, AAT Kings 15 day New Zealand Splendour (ZAAC), Travelled on 26th February 2013

Feedback on AAT Kings 15 Day New Zealand Splendour commencing 26 Feb 2013 Tour itinerary was excellent, hotels excellent with the exception of the Wellington Travelodge which was OK, central location at least but not up to the standard of the rest of the tour hotels. Included meals very good and the optional tours were very good. Coach driver and coach were very good with the driver proving to be a far better commentator than the Tour Director whose commentary and explanation often lacked detail. Not so good points were: Poorly worded, misspelling and bad grammar in the details on the first night drink and dinner information sheet had many people confused. No confidence in AAT’s administration. Some examples: # The tour had several segments with people leaving (e.g. Wellington) and joining (e.g. Christchurch). Thought it strange that the Tour Director did not have the relevant information on who was leaving at what point and needed to ask the group who was leaving and when. # Did not receive our itinerary and vouchers until half way through the tour in Christchurch. # Received a second invitation in error for joining the tour drink in Christchurch. # At least one member of the tour did not have reservations at some of the first few hotels. The Tour Director was rated as poor by us (and others on the tour) in comparison to other tours we have been on with Trafalgar (Europe), Insight (Ireland and Canada/USA) and Western Trails Tour (USA). E.g. Quite abrupt and unhelpful to some of the group, no priority given for ground floor or close to reception rooms for those with obvious mobility issues and not a good look for the TD to be seen drinking during the day. We hope our AAT feedback sheets were handed in as no one was given an envelope to seal it in and return as per the AAT instructions.

Meryl and David Stanton, AAT Kings 10 day Southern Panorama (ZRQC), Travelled on 27th January 2013

We had a great time on this Southern Panorama tour. There was a wonderful variety of nations represented among the passengers. Our tour guide Sarah and driver Vaile were expert, efficient and willing to 'go the extra mile' for our enjoyment and comfort. We were fortunate enough to have a long run of sunny days, to make our experience really special. It was a terrific short holiday.

Ken and Diana Budic, AAT Kings 18 day Best of New Zealand - custom tour, Travelled on 31st January 2013

New Zealand has many wonderful things to see, but they are far apart. We traveled over 2000 miles in the ATT Kings bus, that was absolutely full for half the trip. People kept joining and leaving the tour in mid-flight, which I could not understand. Some of the hotels were sub-standard in both rooms and food. The Travel Lodge in Wellington was the worst. Tour director was great with Moari culture details and NZ history, but lacked in communicating the travel arrangement details. When asked about these, we got either no answer or a smart-alecky answer. Driver Murry was superb. Overall enjoyed the trip and beautiful New Zealand. You need a month to see it all.

Cameron de Jonge & Rhiannon Michell, AAT Kings 17 day New Zealand Contrasts (LABC), Travelled on 25th January 2013

We booked our AAT Kings coach tour (NZ Contrasts) through New Zealand Coach Tours, and found our tour consultant Charlie to be extremely helpful from the beginning. Through numerous emails back and forth, Charlie was always extremely prompt and helpful with his replies. In fact, despite the geographical distance, we received better assistance from New Zealand Coach Tours than what we got from our local travel agents. Having the personal login to the site, was great for managing our tour and payments, and we were lucky enough to get a much better price using the website, compared to other avenues locally. The NZ Contrasts tour covered all of the highlights of both the north and south islands, and exceeded our expectations for accommodation, food and inclusions. I'll definitely look into using New Zealand Coach Tours for any future holidays to New Zealand.

Farida Sutanto and Julius Mulia, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spotlight (LCQR), Travelled on 20th January 2013

Kia Ora! Although this is our second time tour to NZ,(25 yrs ago to both island)we still find it the utmost beautiful place in this planet.We are looking forward to see the other side of NZ next opportunity.

Myree Russell & Peter Newfield, AAT Kings 8 day Northern Spotlight (LABW), Travelled on 29th December 2012

We had wonderful holiday on the 8 day Northern Spotlight tour. The itinerary was perfect, our Tour Guide and Coach Driver very helpful and informative. A great quick glance at the North Island.

Brian and Jean Anderson, AAT Kings 9 day Southern Icons (ZCC) (Guaranteed departure 10th November), Travelled on 10th November 2012

very good tour with excellent guide(mel) and driver(murray) the only two things was the hotel in wanaka was not upto the standard of other hotels and the trip to milford sound was very long and tiring other wise very good

Iain Gibson, AAT Kings Cost Saver 9 day Southern Panorama , Travelled on 25th June 2012

Great tour with a fantastic tour guide and coach driver. All hotels we stayed at were first class and the places we visited were just stunning. A must do tour!

Mei Peng & Dusadee McPhail, AAT Kings Cost Saver 14 day New Zealand Experience (HCCA), Travelled on 2nd September 2012

We had a wonderful and memorable trip to New Zealand with AAT Kings. We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful and picture perfect postcard scenery. I am delighted with the service of New Zealand Coach tour especially the service provided by Charlie. I will definitely recommend to book any AAT Kings through New Zealand Coach tour.

Marcia Warrell, AAT Kings Cost Saver 17 day Best of New Zealand (HABC), Travelled on 11th February 2012

Thank you AAT Kings for such an exciting tour of the very beautiful islands of NZ. Ted was a very knowledgable & cheerful guide & gave us a wonderful insite into both the cultral & historical history of your great country. John our excellent driver was also very entertaining. I understand that this is the last season for the Cost Saver tours & I am very sorry to hear this as I will not be able to travel with you again if this is true as the Premier tours are well above my means. I have no complaints wth the quality, comfort or content of my tour, all was brilliant & thoroughly enjoyed by me & my new found friends. Please think again before ending these great value Cost Saver tours.

Diane and Geoff Whitworth, AAT Kings Cost Saver 9 day Southern Spectacular (HCQR), Travelled on 24th February 2012

I would just like to say that the New Zealand South Island tour we have just returned from was absolutely fantastic. Phil Wilson was our tour guide and he was only happy if we were. He did everything possible to insure that our holiday was the best. He was very knowledgeable and very organised. The accomodation and meals were excellent. We couldnt fault anything. From the very first enquiry, David Kettle, our tour consultant, made everything so easy. Thank you to David and Phil and also Mark, the bus driver whom we felt very safe with, for a fantastic holiday. I would highly recommend AAT Kings and will book our next tour with them without hesitation. We plan on touring the North Island next. Thank you so much AAT Kings, well done. Diane and Geoffrey Whitworth Victoria, Australia.

Alan and Patricia Wildig, AAT Kings Cost Saver 9 day Southern Spectacular (HCQR), Travelled on 14th January 2012

Just wanted to put on record how much we enjoyed the above tour and thank you for making sure we had a really nice bunch of people to travel with! Ngaire was an amazing Tour Manager. She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and made the trip very interesting - we got so much more out of our trip than we would've done if we had driven ourselves and James was a great driver and a really nice bloke. Just one thing might be good for your "leaders" to mention. When we got to the salmon farm, wherever that was, maybe people could be warned about the sand flies or maybe even carry a repellant for us city folks. We were bitten very badly. Our delicate pale British skins I guess. Not used to it, whimps that we are - and these kept us awake for nights to come and I'm still itching occasionally! Just a thought. Please thank everyone for making our trip so memorable, easy, pleasant and enjoyable.

Ted and Brenda Harrison, AAT Kings Premium 10 day Southern Experience (ZSR), Travelled on 14th January 2012

The tour was a great success. aided by the good weather. The guide, Ted, was exceptional being both humorous and interesting. The quality of the hotels was very good.

Michelle Gilmour and Brenda Johnston, AAT Kings Low Cost 9 day Southern Spectacular (HCQR), Travelled on 19th November 2011

Hi David, Brenda and I would like to thank you for organsing our South Island holiday so beautifully. It was wonderful to have the pick up at Christchurch airport when we arrived so late at night. The lovely lady who collected us was so helpful and also so informative. The tour was fantastic and John the driver and Julie the tour director were just excellent from start to finish. Our accommodation was fabulous and the food was just delicious. I am on a gluten free diet and everyone was well aware of this condition and had cereal and bread waiting each day for me. We are still in awe of how beautiful the South Island is. At every turn there is something even more spectacular than the moment before. The tour really highlighted wonderful spots to visit. We were very saddened by what we saw in Chrsitchurch but amazed at the strength of "the locals". Every New Zealander who crossed our paths was so friendly and helpful. They were all a pleasure to meet and spend time with. When we first boarded the coach, Julie thanked us all for coming to NZ and told us to return home to tell everyone that NZ is open for business. We have indeed done this and while we we there we certainly spent our money to help rebuild the deveatation that has occurred during the year. So much so that we had to post parcels home. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to the South Island. We will definately be back in the years to come. We wish you and your family a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year. kind regards Michelle and Brenda.

AAT Kings 9 day Southern Spectacular 20 November 2011 - Sheela and Usha, USA

Just a few words thanking you for the fine arrangements you made for the tour. Everything went off very well and my sister and I had a wonderful time. It was an excellent tour, aided by good weather and cheerful friendly co-travelers. The tour guide, Julie, and driver, John, were very efficient, friendly and helpful and made sure of everyone's comforts and needs. The hotels were very good and our vegetarian food delicious. We had a very enjoyable time. The South Island has some of the most beautiful and breath-taking scenery I have seen and the nicest people I have met. It was great!